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Artist Profile

My life is a crooked path. Although I now thrive in an urban setting, I am from a small Montana town nestled in the mountains of Bitterroot Valley so was steeped in the beauty of the natural world. As the daughter of two biologists, nature’s imagery is an important part of my memory bank. Trees, sunsets, tide pools, rocks, seed pods, lizards, nudibranchs and their colors and textures inform my wet-felted artwork.  Furthermore, the chemistry I learned from my mother while cooking and later as a medical researcher is the basis for my understanding of the natural and biological dye materials I often use to color my work. All this ties in with my concern for the environment and the impact that the preparation of clothing and dyeing have on it.

Mountains, sea shores, buildings, indigenous art and traditions, and food that I have experienced while travelling in Asia, Central and South America and Europe augment and update my memory.

As my work grows and develops, sustainability and connection to the greater environment influences my work.

Workshop Participation:

Felting: Natural Dyeing and Shibori: Kathy Hattori at Botanical Colors, Charlotte Kwon, Sophena Kwon and Natalie Grambow at Maiwa School of Textiles, Takayuki and Tomo Ishii of Awonoyoh, Gladys Paulus, Joan Morris, Nicola Brown, Rick Rao, Jane Callender, Irit Dulman, Porfirio Gutierrez, and Aboubakar Fofana.

Knitting: Lucy Neatby, Cat Bordhi, and Sivia Harding. 

Online classes in drawing and painting with Lisa Congdon, Pam Garrison, Lisa Solomon

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